Best 15 Apps for student of school college University best App review

15 Apps for student of school college University best App review for Android and Apple

We , the human being now in the Age of  ” Apps” and web application. In his post , we will review best 15 Apps for student of school college University best App and web application  review. If you are a student of school, college or University or if you want to learn something new and make your life more productive this 15 Apps review will be great for you. So, let’s jump into the main discussion. This app ranking is not numerical rank.

15 best Apps for student

  1. Doulingo

  2. Studious

  3. Chegg

  4. Google / Microsoft Lens

  5. Studyblue

  6. Sololearn

  7. Forest

  8. The Oxford Dictionary

  9. Evernote

  10. Sound note

  11. Refme

  12. Sleep cycle

  13. Alarmy

  14. My homework student planner



In the age of globalization, the global labor market has created a huge demand for language translators. A translator earns about 10 US dollor per hour. And the demand is currently upward due to increasing virtualization  as a response from Covide 19 pandemic.  you can easily learn more than 30 new foreign languages ​​including English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese and Arabic all other Major languages with Doingo. It will enable to take practice from level system and have a interesting Tree structure which encourage you to learn more. Weakly leaderboard allows you to see your worldwide working on language learning with Doulingo.


When is the next  class? when is the exam? when is the last date to submit your all important assignment? Knowing this, repeatedly giving paras to CR, class captain, classmates? Let them be at peace, use the Stadius app. Studius is your time management app for your academy.


like a other students, you and me know that New semester means new hassle  of finding reading materials With the sacrifice of money. To Get rid of these hassle, You can use Chegg Apps to  borrow books for a short period of time using this app. it is more helpful to find rare collection and More helpful for international students.


International Scholarship updated 

Google Lens/ Office Lens

Typing or writing is really a tedious  for many of us. Using these Google Lens and Microsoft office lens you can easily scan, search and translate anything with these apps.


Using eDX , you can Start taking courses on any subject of your choice at the best universities like MIT, Oxford, Massachusetts, Cambridge with your mobile.


With Studyblue app you can easily create flashcards, progress tracking, reminders and quizzes and send them anywhere. With 400 million ready-made flashcards.


SlowLearn but not slowLearning software! This app is a real gem for you if you are interested in learning programming language very fast.


Plant trees, save time! Isn’t that weird? Forrest app is basically a concentration app. Not studying due to social media addiction? You don’t know when it goes on mobile all day? Use the Forest app, use the time correctly easily.

The Oxford Dictionary

No need to say anything about The Oxford Dictionary  app. The name is telling the details about it


Only the suffered people  can tell how much booting  the note-taking work is. And we students are one of the victims. Download this awesome Evernote app today to easily take notes from any place, save them, manage them.


Soundnote means you can understand by looking at the name, sounder note. Use the Soundnote app if your teacher teaches typing in organic crimson at bullet speed. And yes, remember to thank me later.


Tired of doing assignments, term papers? Did you know that because of this assignment / term paper / thesis paper you may even be expelled from your educational institution! So don’t make your assignment a black snake with milk banana and give proper reference. And easily create a reference with the name of the book or ISBN in the Refmi app.

Sleep cycle / Alarmy

There is no more comfortable work than sleeping. But if you sleep so much, who will take online classes in Zoom? Use Sleep cycle / Alarmy app to get more sleep and wake up just before class.

My home work student planner

The names are telling. Stay tuned to your academic arena happily and enjoy the real chill of Student life.

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