Best Universities for Psychology in Canada 2021

Best Universities for Psychology in Canada

Many students wants to complete their graduation and doctorate programs from Canadian universities. They apply to the Canadian Universities to pursue graduate, undergraduate, and doctorate programs from different subjects. Psychology is one of them. It is a popular subject to the students.

According to the QS rankings 2021, the best universities of Canada are

  1. Univesity of Toronto;
  2. McGill University ;
  3. University of British Colombia and many others.


There are many course of psychology available in canadian universities.Here we discussed about the top universities of Canada for studying psychology.

University of Toronto

University of Toronto is one of the oldest public university in Canada. It is one of the most popular world’s leading research centres.It was established in 1827. It utilizes a semester-based academic calendar. Though it was established in 1827, it could not initiated psychology in 1827. After 100 years, in 1927 psychology department was founded in University of Toronto. The university offers a wide bachelor of science degree which gives the students a basis across the whole discipline.The graduate programme in psychology of Toronto University is directed by every three of its campuses: Mississauga, Scarborough and St George. Adjunct faculty from associated hospitals and institutions participate in the programme and supervise graduate students.

University of British ColumColombia (UBC)

The University of British Columbia (UBC) is a global research and teaching centre that is always ranked among the top 50. It was started its journey in 1908. In the undergraduate courses, psychology is very popular in Universities of British Colombia (UBC). The university offers its students best courses of psychology. Students will begin their course by studying an introduction to the discipline and they will be able to specialize in courses in second and third years. Research is focused almost few key areas in the field of behavioural neuroscience, clinical, cognitive science, quantitative methods, developmental and social psychology. University of Biritish Colombia’s (UBC) psychology department partners with the Psychology Students’ Association to host events ranging from faculty-student in socials, workshops on CV writing and career building, to panels on pursuing graduate studies.

McGill University

McGill University is the ancient university in Montreal and one of three English – language universities in Quebec. It is founded in 1821. The university is always ranked among the top 30 research universities in Canada. In 1908 psychology course was started in McGill University by W.T Leach and in 1910, by William Dunlop psychology labratory was founded.

Psychology at McGill university is presented as either a four year certification in liberal arts or a four year certification in scientific studies program and as a joint program across both. Understudies inside every one of these courses have the chance to consider across a scope of courses including the psychology of bilingualism, wellbeing psychology and chemicals and conduct. Understudies are likewise offered the chance to direct their own examination projects.

University of Alberta

University of Alberta was established in 1908. University of Alberta is a multi – campus public university. The university is well known for its research facilities & it is a famous university in the world. The psychology department was started it’s journey in university of Alberta in 1909 primarily and in 1960 psychology department was fully founded in university of Alberta. The university offers courses in psychology at the undergrad, postgraduate and doctoral levels. In the undergrad program, students are given a comprehensive outline of the experiences and abilities that are significant for understanding the psyche. There is likewise an honor’s program for students, permitting understudies to gain experience conceptualizing, directing, and spreading unique exploration. The university again offers a well known undergrad internship program in brain science which helps understudies in acquiring arrangements with government and industry, or preparing in proficient psychology.

University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo is one of the greatest Psychology universities in Canada but it is an expansive university. It is a public research university. The university is well known for it’s engineering, math, psychology and science programs. The university is was established in 1957. The psychology department of the university is approximately 50 years old. At the undergraduate level, psychology can be examined as a significant or a minor and as a three-year or a four-year program. The university advances experiential learning and urges understudies to attempt work insight, partake in research undertakings. The department houses gear and research facilities including ERP, computerized video recording and web based, psychophysiological estimation, eye-development recording and admittance to MRI scanners. There are again labs exceptionally prepared for concentrating on practices of specific examination interest, like betting machines to concentrate on betting conduct, a kitchenette to concentrate on industrious washing and really looking at practices, and baby and kid dens to concentrate on intellectual and social turn of events. The Psychology department of the university gives different specializations in Clinical, developmental, Social and Cognitive Psychology.

University of Manitoba

The University of Manitoba was established in 1877. It is viewed as one of the best Psychology university in Canada. The university offers graduate projects in Psychology that emphasis on conduct and mental examinations. The courses offer understudies an exhaustive information on managing psychological sickness and a few other human conduct conditions.

University of Montreal

The university of Montreal was started it’s journey in 1878. Though the university is famous for science & medical programs, psychology has a great demand in the university. The University of Montreal positioned in the top 150 universities for psychology and in the best 250 in the sociologies. The department offers programs in psychology and joined disciplines, like brain research and humanism or etymology and psychology. Understudies utilize these projects to plan for graduate preparing in psychology or related fields. Students have the chance to partake in internships through the distinctions program or in a joint program with the School of Psychoeducation, for those in the brain research and psychoeducation four year certification program, where understudies center around youngsters and teenagers with versatile issues.


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