best universities in canada for computer science 2021

Computer science is a rapidly growing field. There are many different types of focus areas within the larger subject of computer science, including programming languages, operating systems, networking security, and telecommunications. Because computer science is so broad in scope, there are many different career paths available to graduates with degrees in the field. However, certain universities have proven themselves as leaders in teaching and research in multiple areas of computer science study. If you plan to pursue a degree related to computer science at one of Canada’s top schools for this particular discipline, it may be helpful to look into what some of these institutions have on offer before beginning your search process. This article provides some insight into five Canadian universities that provide excellent studies for students who want to become involved in the world of computer science.

1. University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo is one of Canada’s top-ranked educational institutions and consistently ranks in the top ten Canadian universities for engineering programs. With almost half of its student population enrolled in engineering or computer science courses, it is no surprise that this school has become a major hub for the study of computing and information sciences. Its approach to teaching is somewhat more focused on practical applications than theoretical study; however, there are also many opportunities within the university for students who wish to pursue research related only to the theoretical side of programming languages or operating systems. Additionally, because there are so many talented people studying here (for example one-third of each graduating class wins an award at some point in their time at the University of Waterloo), there are many opportunities for interdisciplinary study.

2. University of Alberta

Although the University of Alberta has only been in existence for just over one hundred years, this school’s reputation as a research hub is well-documented. Indeed, this institution was ranked third in Canada and seventeenth in all of North America by Times Higher Education. It may be most famous among computer science students for its role in the development of Unix during the 1960s when it collaborated with Bell Labs on developing new tools to modify AT&T’s software. It is also important to note that the school is highly involved within the community; for example, it hosts one of Canada’s largest free public lecture series, featuring speakers from across the country and around the world.

3. University of British Columbia

This university is known for drawing attention to itself outside Canada, with its main campus in Vancouver routinely ranking among the most beautiful university campuses in the world. As far as computer science is concerned, UBC also has a strong reputation; it was ranked by QS World Rankings as having the second strongest focus on entrepreneurship and innovation out of all Canadian universities (it ranked just behind Waterloo). It also boasts one of North America’s largest academic supercomputers, providing students with opportunities to learn about developing large-scale systems that require high-performance computing capabilities.

4. McGill University

Although McGill University does not operate a dedicated supercomputer like UBC or Waterloo, this school should still be considered one of the top universities in Canada for computer science students. The university’s strong reputation is indicated by its high rankings in the world and North American college and university lists; QS World Rankings ranked it as having the thirteenth best computer science program out of all Canadian institutions, while Maclean’s put it at number sixteen. One particularly interesting element about McGill University is that this school has a much greater representation within the ranks of Forbes billionaires than would be expected considering its relatively small size (sixth-largest private/public institution in Quebec ).

5. Université de Montréal

Although Université de Montréal is not well known outside Canada, this school has an especially strong influence within Quebec. It was established over four decades ago, but it has quickly become one of Canada’s most notable schools in terms of education, research, and innovation. It stands out for its unique approach toward the development of its computer science students; instead of operating a large supercomputer or hosting an extensive open-access lab like many other schools, Université de Montréal focuses on creating an interdisciplinary learning environment (i.e., allowing students to focus their studies on the intersection between different fields).

6. Ryerson University

One important element about Ryerson University that sets this school apart from others is its emphasis on new media arts and technology courses; this makes programming languages particularly relevant within the context of digital design. However, despite this concentration in related disciplines, computer science is one of the school’s most popular concentrations. The institution’s approach toward nurturing its students is also quite notable; many of its courses are offered in a flipped classroom format, which allows instructors to guide the discussion during lectures, providing students with more time for collaboration and independent learning within their classes.

7. University of Waterloo

Although this university has been growing rapidly over the past few years, it has rapidly become a school that everyone should know about whether or not they live near Ontario. In 2018, LinkedIn ranked it as having one of the best computer science programs in North America based on job opportunities and alumni achievements. Additionally, QS World Rankings ranked the school as number one globally for innovation potential, making it an excellent choice among prospective undergraduate students looking for a good balance between computer science and business courses.

8. Simon Fraser University

This is another school with a strong reputation within Canada, although it does not carry the same weight internationally as some of the other universities on this list; US News & World Report ranked it as number thirty-seven in its global universities category. It should still be considered an excellent choice for prospective students given its location (located in British Columbia) and its commitment to interdisciplinary research (e.g., many programs incorporate training in nanotechnology, digital media design, or bioinformatics ).

9. Dalhousie University

Dalhousie University is particularly notable for having one of the best supercomputing clusters among Canadian universities; it also operates a large research lab in Halifax devoted to multiple fields, including astronomy and computer science. The university is so committed to this field that it has been ranked as having one of Canada’s best computer science programs for more than two decades. However, its approach toward teaching students does not build upon this reputation alone; instead, it gives them more responsibility within their classes by encouraging tutorial-style learning opportunities which mimic professional work environments.

10. University of Manitoba

Located in Winnipeg (the capital of Manitoba), the University of Manitoba is known for placing an especially strong emphasis on social and environmental sustainability throughout all of its coursework and research programs; this commitment has made it one of North America’s most sustainable institutions. However, it should be noted that this school is especially notable for its work within the realm of computer science given its extensive number of courses available to students and the level of research conducted on campus.

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