Class 6,7,8,9(9th week) assignments 2021

Class 6,7,8,9(9th week) assignment 2021

assignments 2021(9th week) have been published. The Board of Secondary and Higher Education publishes Assignment Questions 2021 (9th week) for all classes on their website. All educational institutions, including public universities, have been closed for the purpose. The Ministry of Education instructed the schools to continue their studies through assignments so that the students do not lose their year and study.

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The school has been closed for a long time due to corona. There is no way to open educational institutions because of the sudden intensification of taxes. The closure of educational institutions in corona so that there is no harm in the studies of the students. And in this closed state, the assignment questions for the 9th week of 6-9 class are published. Weekly assignment questions have been published continuously before. 8th week assignment is over. Assignment 2021 answers for 9th week like 8th week are also available on our website. As long as corona stays, the students will continue their studies through assignments, that is, they will continue like this till the educational institution is opened.

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Class six Assignment Answer

Assignment 2021 Class 9 Answer

Class 6 Assignment Answer

Class 9 Assignment 2021 Science Answer

Class 6 to 9 homework

The Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education publishes assignment 2021 questions on 2-3 topics every week. Students will get to know the assignment better while accepting the assignment question from the teacher. Students will write the answer to this assignment question and submit it to the respected teacher of their educational institution. Teachers will submit these assignments and list the students who have submitted assignments and have not submitted assignments. Every educational institution will submit a list of how many are submitting and how many are not. Submit this information to the Board of Secondary and Higher Education.

Class six assignments 2021(9th week)

Assignments 2021 are given 02-03 per week for class 6. The Board of Secondary and Higher Education has published the 9th week assignment questions after completing the 8th week assignment. 9th week assignment subject for sixth class is Bangla and Science. Class 6 will do assignments in Bengali and science this week. In the 10th week, you have to do two more assignments.

class 6 Bangla assignments 2021

Bangla subject assignment has been kept for class 6 in 9th week. Bangla subject assignment 2021 should be completed and submitted between 9th to 12th week. Below are the sixth grade Bangla assignment questions and answers


Class 6 science assignments 2021

Science subject assignment 2021 has been kept for class 6 in the 9th week of 2021. Science subject assignment should be completed in 9th to 12th week. Class 6 science subject assignment questions and answers were given in 9th week



Class 7 Assignments 2021 (9th Week)

Assignment 2021 questions have also been published for class 7 like class 6. For class 7: 2-3 assignments are kept every week. This time too he is no exception. For 7th class: Assignment questions in Bangla and Science subjects have been kept in 9th week. Questions and answers like all other topics will be published on this website.

Class 7 Bangla assignments 2021

For 7th class: Bangla subject assignment has been kept. New assignment will be added at the end of 9th week assignment. Bangla Assignment 2021 question was given


Class 7 science assignments 2021

In the 9th week of seventh grade, assignments have been kept on Bangla subjects as well as science subjects. Science subject assignments 2021 questions are given below


10th Week Assignment: Bangladesh and World Identity and Physical Education

Class 8 assignment in 9th week 2021

In the eighth grade, the same subjects as in the sixth and seventh grades have been assigned. Assignment subjects from sixth to eighth class are Bengali and Science. Assignments 2021 questions of 9th week including 8th week questions and answers of  class 8 have been added on this website.

Class 8 Bangla Assignment

Like other subjects, Bangla assignment questions have been given for class 8 in 9th week. Bengali subject assignment questions and answers are given below

Class 8 science assignmentsin 9th week

Assignments in Bangla as well as Science subjects have been kept for the class 8 in the ninth week. Science subject assignment questions and answers are given below

Ninth Grade Assignment 2021 (9th Week)

A total of 30 subjects including compulsory subjects and group subjects have been kept for the class 9. Assignment questions are published for assignment in 2-3 subjects every week. In the 9th week, questions are published for assignment in some subjects. Below is the link to answer the ninth grade assignment question

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Class 9 Bangla assignment

Assignments on group topics, including the main ones, are published each week. Assignments for departmental matters have been published in the 9th week. The main subject Bangla assignment has not been published yet.

Class 9 history and world civilization assignment

History and World Civilization Assignments are published in the 9th week for class 9 humanities students. Below is the history and world civilization assignment


Class 9 politics and citizenship assignment

  1. Students in the ninth grade humanities department have been asked to do assignments on politics and citizenship in the ninth week. Politics and citizenship assignments are given below

Physics assignment lX class

Physics assignments are kept in the 9th week for class 9 science students. Class 9 physics assignments have been added to this website

Biology Assignment IX Class

Biology assignments have been kept for the students of the class 9 science group as well as for the subjects. Below are the biology assignments

Class 9 accounting assignment

Accounting assignments have been kept for the students of class 9 commerce group as well as for the subjects.Below are the 9th week accounting assignments for class 9 commerce

Class 9 finance and banking assignments

The 9th week of class 9 commerce finance and banking assignments are given below


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