DU 7 College Arts C unit question answer 2021 MCQ

DU 7 College Arts (C) unit question answer 

Dhaka College is the biggest college in Bangladesh. So, this is the primary choice for each Affirmation Student that they need to confess to Dhaka University. But as there are not increasingly sufficient seats. That’s why the DU specialist took an arrangement. Presently the DU has 7 universities. Thus, Dhaka College chooses the finest 7 colleges of Dhaka. And, take the control authority of those colleges. So, Dhaka University will issue the certificates. That’s why understudies don’t get a chance to confess in Dhaka College. They admit to DU Seven Colleges rather than going exterior Dhaka. The DU 7 college confirmation exam was started on 30 October, At that point, it’ll be held on 5 & 6 November. On the off chance that you searching for DU & college confirmation address arrangement at that point, you may discover it here. Dhaka College, Kabi Nazrul Government College, Eden Women’s College, Begum Badrunnessa Government Women’s College, Government Shaheed Suhrawardy College, Government Bangla College, and Government Titumir College. Congratulations to all concerned. It is to be noted that in addition to these seven colleges, Dhaka University has more than a hundred affiliated and component colleges. The concerned officials and the technical committee have been able to create a webpage for the seven newly affiliated colleges. I hope the concerned students, teachers, and parents will get their required academic information from this webpage.

 Need to see the arrangement to the address of the science division of seven colleges associated with the University of Dhaka? You’re all mindful that the confirmation test of seven colleges associated with the University of Dhaka is being held nowadays, November 8. Understudies of the science division took part in today’s confirmation test. These students take an interest within the affirmation test for admission within, to begin with, the year of graduation within the 2020-21 scholarly year. 

Since they are understudies of the science department, their address papers have been given diverse sorts of questions based on science. It isn’t conceivable for an understudy to reply to all sorts of questions and the test center cannot keep in mind the answers to numerous sorts of questions. So nowadays we have come up with the address of final year’s 7 government colleges associated with the University of Dhaka through this article.

DU 7 college Arts question pdf

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  • DU 7 College C Unit(question) Address Bank PDF 
  • 7 college address bank humanities 
  • 7 college affirmation expressions address bank pdf 
  • 7 college english (question)address download
  •  DU 7 College C Unit (question) Address Bank PDF 

Today, through this article, we are progressing to show the final year’s Address Bank in Government DU 7 College Arts (C) Unit subsidiary to Dhaka University. You know that if you need to apply to the government college partnered with the University of Dhaka, you’ve got to induce an add up of six focuses. The examination will be held in MCQ strategy. The full check here will be 100. There will be no negative stamping and you have got to induce at least 40 to pass. Those of you who need to ponder in seven government colleges subsidiary to Dhaka College. So it is exceptionally imperative to illuminate the final year’s questions. Nowadays we have organized our article with these.

DU 7 college Arts (C)  unit question bank humanities 

Today we have come up with the final year’s address bank through this article. As you know, there are three units for the affirmation test within the government college subsidiary the University of Dhaka. Understudies within the science office can take exams for the science unit. DU 7 College Arts (C) unit Address Bank Scientists can never test within the trade and humanities offices. On the off chance that you ever get a chance. At that point after simply can grant other subject choices of seven government colleges partnered with Dhaka University. The affirmation test within the seven government colleges subsidiary to the University of Dhaka is much more troublesome than the special college. Be that as it may, you have got to be admitted to all government colleges through a confirmation test.

DU 7 college Arts question solution

7 college confirmation expressions address bank pdf That’s why it’s so critical to fathom final year’s questions. Those of you who are getting to be considered in seven government colleges associated with the University of Dhaka. They must be conceded to these colleges through confirmation tests. So it is exceptionally critical to merely illuminate the final year’s questions. So nowadays we are showing you the questions of the final year of 7 colleges partnered with the University of Dh a  through this article.

college list of Affiliated college of university of Dhaka

  • Dhaka College-  Total  seats 3515
  •  Eden Mohila College– Total seats 4685
  •  Government Shaheed Suhrawardy College- Total Seats 1570
  •  Kabi Nazrul College- Total seats 1820
  • Begum Badrunnesa Govt. Women College-  Total Seats 1395
  •  Mirpur Government Bangla College-  Total Seats 2350
  • Government Titumir College- Total Seats 5680

Minimum Requirement For Admission at DU affiliated 7 college


Unite NameMinimum GPA
ScienceSSC and HSC Total  GPA-7.00 (with 4th subject)
Arts & Social ScienceSSC and HSC Total  GPA-6.00 (with 4th subject)
Business StudiesSSC and HSC Total  GPA-6.50 (with 4th subject)


 Download: DU 7 College Arts (C) unit Address Bank Many are on the favored list of seven government colleges partnered with the University of Dhaka. Numerous need to think about within the colleges partnered to Dhaka College. They can fathom final year’s questions through this article. 7 college English address download Through this, you may be able to know about the pattern of address papers arranged within the science division. Material science, Chemistry You’ll discover out how Cochrane works in English. This will assist you in induce great marks to be admitted.

Nowadays we’ll talk about the cochlear inserts of Government 7 College English subsidiary to University of Dhaka through this article. Those are understudies of Commerce, Humanities, Science departments. Their confirmation test contains this English chapter. The affirmation test is on the beat of English. So numerous individuals are very afraid of English. Through this, we’ll talk about the final year’s English cochlear inserts. I trust you like it. 

DU 7 College Confirmation question solutions  2021 university of Dhaka

 Old Year 7 College Confirmation question Answer DU 7 college A Unit, B Unit, C Unit Confirmation Address answers are given up 2022 Expressions Unit has distributed by the authority. DU 7 college has distributed a circular on the post. It’s the most excellent Confirmation Address Arrangement circular and it’s an extraordinary chance to urge the DU College Affirmation Address Arrangement Science unit for those who are holding up for This Notice.

some important info you about du 7 college admission

Admission Exam Duration1 Hour ( 60 Munities)
Exam TypeMCQ
Written Marks100
GPA Marks (SSC+HSC)2
Total Marks120
Pass Marks40 ( No Need to Subject wise pass)
Negative MarkingNo
Admission Exam CenterDhaka City

This Confirmation Address Arrangement is idealized to construct up a great career. Those, who need to work, ought to be taken out of this 7College Affirmation Address Unravel opportunity. DU 7 college could be an eminent Organized in Bangladesh. DU 7 College Respects Affirmation Take note Result www.7college.du.ac.bd Dhaka College Associated 7 College Confirmation Address Arrangement circular Commerce Unit and Address Arrangement Commerce Unit Concede card and Result from interface or news Which Distributed by Specialist at that point we donate download DU 7 college link of Concede and Result as you’ll be able effectively to download through our site. We moreover deliver you questions arrangements of the Affirmation Address Reply exam and all sorts of DU 7 college instructive back through our site www.studenttimesbd.com. To remain with our site Instructions in bd. 


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