Eksheba gov bd scholarship 2021 Apply online Services registration login একসেবা বৃত্তি

Eksheba gov bd service scholarship 2021 Application registration login একসেবা অনুদান ২০২১ অনলাইন আবেদন

A maximum grant of 10000/= TK. Below are the details of how to properly apply for this financial grant, starting from the documents required for the financial grant to Eksheba gov bd

Eksheba gov scholarship 2021 apply  online

  1.  Scholarship circular
  2. My gov bd Application time expansion
  3. Further time expansion govt grant
  4. Eligibility for eksheba  grant
  5. Reguire documents
  6. Nid card
  7. Birth certificate
  8. Nagad mobile banking account
  9. Certificate from academic head
  10. My gov server error /time out / failed
  11.  gov bd.com service registration
  12. Eksheba service log in
  13.  my gov pin recovery
  14. How to apply / application process
  15. How to check eksheba gov bd scholarship service application status


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Eksheba scholarship 2021  Eligibility for Application:

Students studying from sixth grade to undergraduate level, educational institutions, and teachers can apply for this financial grant.


Eksheba gov bd scholarship  Application deadline:

15 March 2021

Eksheba gov bd scholarship

Required Documents: (For Students)

1. Certificate signed by the head or head of the department in the educational institution
2. NID / Birth Registration Certificate Number of the applicant.
3. NID number of father and mother.
4. Email (Mail Address) ID
5. Mobile number (The mobile number that will be given at the time of application must have Nagad mobile banking account open! If not, open it, you can easily open it yourself)


Rules of Eksheba application:

How to apply at eksheba.gov.bd: You must fill in the boxes marked with red star (*) in the form at the time of application. If not, there will be no application. It is optional to fill the cells without other asterisks.

For Eksheba gov bd Application  Enter this link first
(https://eksheba.gov.bd/service/?id=BDGS-161111583 )

Click on the registration option

Apply  Now 

Complete the registration with the mobile number you used and the full name of the applicant.

Server Error / Bad Gateway / Server failed / Server down problem

Having problems with the Eksheba server, can’t apply?

This is not your problem, everyone, millions of people are not requesting to the server at once, so the server is down when the website’s bandwidth is exhausted, the server may be busy. Try to apply for this when there are not too many people, such as at night or in the early morning.

In the second step

The next step is to enter the NID number / birth registration certificate number and date of birth correctly.


In the third step

(Support / Allowance / Grant) Click on the option Click on the ‘Student Financial Grants’ option at number 36.

The next step

This means that you can complete the application by uploading all your information and certificates in the last step.

Note that the application for this grant can be saved if required before it is submitted and can be submitted later. Since there is a problem with the server, submit at the time of application. The draft application can then be re-applied and submitted from the service management link. .

A single identification number will be provided for each application after application, using this number you will be able to know all the progress or status of your application from the service management option.

The maximum file size for uploading a signed certificate at the time of application is 10 MB and the file format must be either jpg, gif, png, jpeg, pdf. Otherwise there will be problems to submit.

You can also upload the picture of the application form with your mobile, there will be no problem, keep in mind that the picture should be clearly understood.

The deadline for providing this grant service is 120 working days or 4 months. The grant will be disbursed through mobile banking cash system. A maximum of Taka  10000 / – can be sanctioned per graduate or equivalent student. You can see the circular above to see how much money will be given in class.

Eksheba gov bd scholarship Application

Link to the online application of the student financial Eksheba gov grant :. https://eksheba.gov.bd/service/?id=BDGS-1611115830

Cannot apply without certificate. Collect the certificate before applying.



Statutory warning
Many are spreading rumors that it is a stipend, and legal action may be taken against them. It is basically a one-time government grant to help the needy. It is not a stipend given by the Prime Minister’s Trust to undergraduate students.

Regular students of undergraduate and degree 2019-2020 sessions who could not apply will be given the opportunity to apply in the month of AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2021.

Keep an eye on our Student Times BD to be the first to get all the updates on all types of bank scholarships and government scholarships.


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