How to delete discord server Mobile App PC and MacBook 100%

How to delete discord server Mobile App PC and MacBook 100% effectively?

How to delete discord server Discord is one of the most popular and secure communication App of our time. Discord is a Voice over Internet Protocol, instant informing and automatic dispersion stage outlined for making communities. Users of Discord can communicate with voice calls, video calls, content informing, media, and records in private chats or as a portion of communities called “servers”. This server is the main aspect of communication using the Discord Social Communication App. Servers are a collection of diligent chat rooms and voice chat channels. Friction runs on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, iPad, Linux, and web browsers. As of December 2020, the benefit has over 250 million enlisted users and this number is increasing in leaps and bounds due to its high popularity which is gained by its awestrucking features and security.

However, due to any reasons, you may need to delete a Discord server.  in this post, we will discuss how you can delete a discord server using a mobile app, Pc and other devices. No worries. Deleting a discord server is very very easy.  you can do it within a minute.  before getting started, we have to know that

  • only the owner has the right to delete a server.
  • if you have Two-factor authentication login enable, then you need it to delete a server.

So let’s start.

-Before you delete a server of Discord, make sure you’re super-duper sure about it because, Once a server has been deleted by someone, there is no way to resurrect the server from the shadow realms.

How to delete a discord server

  • Open up your Server Settings by clicking on the Server Name, and open the drop-down menu
  •  Click on ” Delete Server ” at the bottom of the left-hand menu.
  • Type in the name of your Server into the text box, and confirm the deletion by pressing “Delete Server”

How to delete a Discord server by desktop

  • Go to  the Discord
  • Click on the server which you want to delete
  • Click on the “server setting” on the top-down menu
  • On the left side, at the end of the sidebar, there is an option of “delete the server.”
  •  a pop input field will have appeared. Type your discord name here for confirmation.
  • if you have enabled 2fa, then an authentication code is required
  • Click on the delete server to confirm.

Delete discord server using Mobile App

  • Goto  Discord app on your iPhone, iPad,  Android phone or other devices.
  • pen the sidebar
  • Select the server which you need to delete
  • a popup that has a setting icon will appear. Click on the setting icon.
  • you will get “delete server”  at the bottom.
  • Click on  “delete server”
  • Click “Yes to confirm the deletion.
    If you have already enabled two-factor authentication, it will ask for the six-digit authentication code. Enter the code and confirm you want to delete it.

How to delete Discord server without admin ownership or not your?

In the event that you have got the manager or any other higher parts, at that point you’ll attack the server without an admin. Unless the owner/manager changes the setting of the bots, a few bots provide individuals the choice to cleanse channels. Individuals can also spam channels unless the staff included a cool-down clock within the channels. Numerous YouTubers have utilized sound impacts in voice chats to dishearten other individuals from remaining. Maybe an elective would be to set a 2nd in command who would naturally take over the server in the event that your account got erased, that way server proprietors would have a choice over their server’s bequest in the event that they got expelled from the stage.


if you face any problem deleting the discord server, you can let us know in the comment section. our dedicated support team will provide a response as soon as possible.


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