JU A unit question answer 2021 জাবি এ ক ইউনিট প্রশ্নের উত্তর

Jahangirnagar University ( shortened as JU) is a public university in Bangladesh, grounded in Savar, Dhaka. (2) It’s the only completely domestic university in Bangladesh.  The university was established in 1970 by the Jahangirnagar Muslim University Ordinance of the government of Pakistan. Its first vice-chancellor, Mafizuddin Ahmed (Ph.D. in chemistry, Penn State) took up office on 24 September 1970. The first group of scholars, an aggregate of 150, were enrolled in four departments Economics, Geography, Mathematics, and Statistics. Its formal induction was delayed until 12 January 1971, when the university was launched by Rear AdmiralS.M. Ahsan, the chancellor.
It operated as a design until 1973 when the Jahangir Nagar Muslim University Act’ was amended as the Jahangir Nagar University Act’.
In 2014, the university had scholars, 755 preceptors, and other workers. It has been ranked 3rd several times in public university rankings.


JU A unit question SOLUTION  2021

Generally, Jahangirnagar University Honors 1st time admission test is going to start moment, 9th November 2021. The examination will start on the first day of the admission test through the examination of the Faculty of Biology under the D unit.

Aspirants who have completed the operation for the degree will share in the examination in an aggregate of six shifts. The test will be taken within the quested time of the day and the test will be taken in the MCQ system. Jahangirnagar University authorities will produce questions grounded on an aggregate of 60 marks in the Multiple Choice Cochrane MCQ system, but the admission test will be grounded on the revised 100 marks, but the results of SSC and HSC will be 20 marks.
The value of each question will be converted to address number eight gate number 80. Before this, the examinees had to answer 80 questions in 60 twinkles but this time the scholars have to break seven questions into 45 twinkles. We’ve collected the question papers of the D Unit of Jahangirnagar University and handed them over to our faculty. A unit or KA unit admission test of JU is for science departments is rescheduled. However, no one can predict the ju a unit admission test question accurately. so, keep patience and keep yourself prepared for this upcoming exam. we will update this page as soon as we get the question and provide a solution for MCQ’s answer.

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