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Networker Baire 2021 480p 1080p hd review link movie নেটওয়ার্কের বাইরে

Networker Baire is  a Bangladeshi adventure  dramatization film composed and coordinated by Mizanur Rahman Aryan. The story is motivated by genuine occasions. Screenplay has been done by Jobaed Ahsan at the side Mizanur Rahman Aryan. The film stars Sariful Razz, Yash Rohan, Nazia Haque Orsha, Tasnuva Tisha, Khairul Basar, Jonaed Bagdadi, Tasnia Farin, Nazifa Tushi. Networker Baire is the primary film of the celebrated tv course Mizanur Rahman Aryan. At first, he needed to form it for theaters. But due to this continuous COVID-19 widespread, discharging movies in theaters has ended up troublesome. In this circumstance, Chorki came forward and financed this venture.

Netwoker Baire key info

  • Movie: “Networker Baire”
  • DirectorMizanur Rahman Ariyan
  • Cast: Sariful Razz, Yash Rohan, Khairul Basar, Jonayed Bukdadi, Orsha, Nazifa Tushi, Tasnuva Tisha, Tasnia Farin
  • GenreAdventure Drama
  • LanguageBengali
  • IMDb9.1/10

Network er baire Chorki performance

Mizanur Rahman Arian once again introduced him as the best director with this web film. I have to say that Mizanur Rahman Arian’s best work so far is out of network. I was just fascinated and got something in the corner of my eye. A bunch of stars have acted. Names are Shariful Raj, Tasnia Farin, Yash Rohan, Orsha, Khairul Basar, Nazifa Tushi, Junaid, Tasnuva Tisha and many more.

Ah! What else does it take to have friends. The good and the bad can be spent with friends all the time without any hesitation. I was lost in the world of friendship for a while. Luckily I got a few friends like this. But chatting with them in this way is no longer an opportunity for work and time. I had to miss those things. This web film is about the fun of four friends. I like it a lot. I know you will like it too. So I would like to thank Mizanur Rahman Aryan for giving me such a beautiful gift.

Everyone’s acting is great. I can’t think who will say more than who. Shariful Raj was great and so was Yash Rohan. Who likes Khairul Basar the most for his agility. Junaid has done quite well as a newcomer. I didn’t want to do a single peak collage for a good performance of four people so I put four people together in each peak. Among the girls, Tasnia Farin’s performance is better. Then envy. Tushi and Tisha were fair. Ratul’s niece also likes it.

There are 3 songs that have touched the mind. With remarkable cinematography. I didn’t feel like watching the performance as if I had joined in the fun of friendship. Everything from color grading to BGM is Josh. The camera work is also excellent. Cox’s Bazar looked very beautiful. So I will say and see it soon without delay. I guarantee you will like it. May friendship be immortal.

Netwoker Baire review

Four friends who have just finished university life, whose life goals, wants and family situation are different! While the touch of real life penetration is slowly becoming apparent in the midst of everyone standing at the end of the educational life, just then the four friends organize a ‘road trip’! The destination is their ‘Cox’s Bazar to St. Martin’, so to speak, completely out of network!

Wherever they go, they will find new colors of life, new obsessions, send on vacation as much as the fatigue of life – all the memories laden with sorrow, where the dreams that are frozen in the crowd of friendship will be fulfilled! . The times were going well! But suddenly an old gust of wind came in the middle of the friendship!

But suddenly an old gust of wind came in the middle of the friendship! That wind once took the form of a tornado! Londabhand for a moment gives a strong bond of friendship! Some friends, some time, some great moments are lost from life after being defeated by the tragic destiny without cutting that resh!


Special thanks to director Mizanur Rahman Aryan for gifting such a great work! This is the kind of presentation that gives the audience a glimmer of hope! ‘Road Trip’ movies have been made very rarely in our country! As far as I can remember Darucini Dwip was the first movie, and after a long hiatus came as the second construction ‘Out of Network’!

Since it is a road trip movie, naturally the beauty of nature will get the highest place there! In that case it can be said that the director was very careful! Cox’s Bazar-Saint Martin’s magical beauty he was able to bring great! And that’s why when you watch a movie, the memory of those places unknowingly floats in your eyes!

The most important aspect of the movie is color grading / cinematography and background music …. everything in this movie was lively! Especially cinematography gives comfort to the eyes! The feeling of drama drama is felt very little! So good to see! However, we have to talk about movie songs separately! There is no exaggeration – the appropriate song in the appropriate sequence has made the movie more lively! The songs will be remembered by the generation for a long time – it can be said that they will always play on the road trip!

Netwoker Baire movie film watch online download link

This is one of the most interesting content of recent times. Dont wait to see it. Happy.

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