Rehana Maryam Noor 480P 720P HD Movie review watch online link

Rehana Maryam Noor 480P 720P HD Movie review watch online link

Rehana Maryam Noor is a 2021 Bangladeshi film. The film is coordinated by Abdullah Mohammad Saad and created by Jeremy Chua beneath the standard of Metro Video and co-produced by Sensemakers Preparations. The film is about the battling life of a 37-year-old right-hand teacher of a therapeutic college. The only film in Bangladesh that has garnered acclaim from film festivals like Cannes! If you look at the story of the movie, you can see the tragic story of a woman named Rehana, where she is struggling with herself, while another girl like herself, Rehana’s student, is fighting loudly to stand up against injustice! Nowadays, female abuse is a terrible problem, it is not only a problem of our country, it is a problem of spreading all over the world – that is why the story of the movie has become widely accepted by everyone! Here the director has made everyone in the story think, less location, a few important characters and making a whole movie with them? What makes this task so easy? Rehana, who has lived this miserable life, when she sees another girl’s abuse right in front of her eyes, she can’t control herself, she runs to stand beside that girl! Just then another darkness descended on Rehana’s life! Victim Blaming is a very simple task in our society now! No, you can’t say anything to the culprit, but the one who has been harmed by this crime is basically to blame, so he has to blame!  Rehana speaks of the girls of today’s society! A woman without a husband who is fighting alone in her life! On the one hand, thinking about the future of the child, on the other hand, her own family is again a free-spirited woman at work! Rehana seems to be facing a difficult problem and is fighting with the whole society in an unknown way! Again, when he talks about his rights, his work, then the whole society is sitting with its paws on his face!

Rehana Maryam Noor movie cast

  • Azermeri Haque Badhon[9]
  • Afia Jahin Jaima
  • Kazi Sami Hasan
  • Afia Tabassum Borno
  • Yasir Al Haq
  • Saberi Alam[10]

A woman suffering from loneliness, who does not have a husband! The harsh and cruel reality of life does not always give her the slightest leeway, secondly, she is a woman who is isolated from everything, she does not even remember the school meeting of her daughter, that is Rehana’s world is stuck in confusion of reality and lastly she is influencing people against injustice. , Where he tries to show the way to light from darkness Vibor! Evidence that Rehana is struggling to get out of the society that is trying to cover up so many incidents is revealed in the color of this movie!  Rehana Maryam Noor has not only talked about this problem, but also left us with a thousand questions in front of us, will we be able to get rid of this trap of society, or will all women like Rehana continue to live in the society in this way?

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